Where Can You Buy Life Insurance Without Medical Exams?

Finding life insurance without medical exam it seems highly improbable. Almost all companies that we know are offering coverage based on medical underwriting.  So, if you have reasons not to go to medic, you will be stuck at left without options. Luckily, this is no longer the case.

young couple searching insuranceMore companies that operate within the U.S. decided to sell no exam life insurance. The thing is that there are not so many companies and you will still need some help to find them. This article tells more where you can buy life insurance without medical exams.

In many cases, major insurance companies do not sell this type of insurance. But this is not a rule. For example, ING Instant Term life policy offers immediate coverage, without having to undergo any medical exams or lab tests. The population of U.S. is still underinsured and even the big companies will have to adapt and provide easier methods to get coverage and a higher degree of acceptance.

So, make sure to monitor the insurance market, you may never know when a good investment opportunity occurs.  In most of the cases, you will obtain this policy from medium-sized insurance companies.  They are many and a local insurance broker will help you find the most adequate one for your needs.

It is always recommended to talk with a broker and learn as much as you can about the companies, before you apply. Insurance brokers are here to evaluate your financial and medical condition and then help you get the most effective policy for you.

Besides naming several available companies, insurance agents can also provide quotes.  Quotes will help you estimate how much you will have to pay, in order to keep the policy active. You can also obtain these quotes online.

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