Is Insurance Broker Working for Me or the Insurance Company?

Insurance brokers work for you. They are essentially consumer advocates helping you find the most options and the best value for your money on something that all adults know they need: life insurance coverage.

A life insurance broker is quite different from a life insurance agent. Agents work for insurance companies. Their job is to sell one company’s policies. In contrast, a broker makes money by participating in the selling process too, but not on behalf of any one company. A good, unbiased broker can help consumers find options from all leading companies.

We all know that comparison-shopping is the only way to make sure that you get the best deal on insurance (or any other product or service). But, until recently, comparison-shopping was a time-consuming hassle. It required you to go from one insurance company to another, one agent to another, filling out forms, waiting for their quotes. It could take hours or even days! Some people found the process so painful that they either gave up after getting one quote (and just paid—or, more likely, overpaid—for coverage that may not even be exactly what they need. Or worse, they just give up altogether and don’t choose a policy at all. That can be one of the costliest mistakes a person could make.

That’s why an online life insurance broker working on your behalf can be such an asset. And now, a breakthrough in computer software is revolutionizing the role of the broker. Highly advanced quoting software now makes it possible for unbiased, 100% free services to provide quotes online from many different companies, all at once, and all in one place. All you have to do is answer a few short, simple questions (including the state where you live and the date you were born). Then click to get your quotes. Immediately, you will see quotes from many different companies competing for your business.

Think of this quoting software service as a “virtual broker,” working as your liaison with the world’s leading insurers to make sure you get their best possible coverage at their best possible price. If, while using an online quoting system, you have questions or need personal assistance, a live broker can help you. But most people find the online quoting service so fast and so easy that they have no trouble whatsoever with the comparison-shopping process.

In fact, most people are surprised, perhaps even shocked, at just how many options they have and just how affordable their options are. Whether you are seeking a “term life” policy (which remains in effect, as long as the policy premiums are paid, for a set term such as 30 years) or a “whole life” policy (which protects you, as the name implies, for your whole life), you can rely on a unbiased, free quoting service that is not affiliated with any one insurance company. Try a service with zero cost, zero obligation, and zero hassles, such as And put all of their advantages to work for you!