Life Insurance for Seniors With Pre-Existing Health Problems

We can rarely see a senior without a medical problem. Age related diseases and dysfunctions are pretty common in elderly. While osteoporosis and rheumatism are common and not that dangerous, other diseases like Alzheimer’s Syndrome or Parkinson pose a deadly treat and they occur mostly in people over 50 years old.

Heart-CheckUp-SeniorSo, it is normal for a life insurance company not to risk that much when a senior with medical problems applies for coverage. If you are trying to get standard life insurance, be prepared to be refused for many times.  Still, you can get life insurance for seniors with pre-existing health problems. Just scan the market and get senior life insurance quote.

Some companies tolerate a series of diseases, as long as they do not pose an immediate threat to your life and you are able to keep your condition under control. Diseases like TBC or diabetes can be successfully treated if you keep a healthy diet, take your pills and follow the exact medical recommendations.

Bringing a letter or recommendation written by medics (preferable those who monitor your condition and treatment) and medical records will greatly increase the chances of being accepted.  All these documents will give you an advantage during negotiations.  We recommend you to talk with your doctors and a life insurance agent before applying. They will tell you if your condition is good enough for being accepted, what rating you will receive and how much it is expected for you to pay.

If your condition does not qualify you for standard policies, you can always apply for no exam life insurance. You can qualify for it if you are not declared terminally ill or you do not suffer from HIV/AIDS or cancer.  This type of insurance is a bit expensive and you should search for quotes first.

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