Life Insurance Without Medical Examinations: Myth or Reality?

Many people question the validity and quality provided by no exam life insurance policies. They are immediately discarded from the shopping options by many people who look for life insurance. Few people realize the value of no exam policies, their purpose and the advantages brought by having one of them. They are considered bold claims and nothing more.

lifeinsuranceSo, life insurance without medical examinations: myth or reality?  The internet can provide useful information regarding prices, advantages, types of no exam life insurance and how to obtain them. Also, contact a life insurance broker and he will help you make an educated choice.

Not all of us are life insurance specialists and it is easy to be misled by rumors or by bald claims. No exam policies have long been the target of countless bloggers or insurance companies that try to depreciate their true value and use.  No exam policies are extremely useful for those that cannot be insured under standard policies.

That includes seniors and those with serious medical problems. Those that are scared or allergic to needles should consider purchasing this policy, since they will not be asked for medical exams.  Also, there are some religions that prohibit their followers to undergo medical procedures, like taking blood for analysis.

Basically, there are 3 major no exam life insurance plans: guaranteed acceptance, simplified issue and graded benefit.  Each of these types does not require medical exams, but some of them (simplified issue and graded benefit) require medical documents and you must answer to several questions.  But still, the procedures are quick and you will get an answer in a couple of hours.

Keep in mind that no exam policies have above the average prices for premiums. The company gambles a lot by providing insurance for those with poor health, or with unclear medical condition.  You should really check first the prices before making any decision. Check on the internet for no exam life insurance quotes.

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